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Mar 19, 2013 10:00pm PDT
border. >> we want to eat to live better. >> they know they broke the law by not renewing their visa, but classmates from jefferson elementary and their parents. >> people say no, we start fighting. >> are fighting for humanitarian parole. allow the family to return to berkeley. the only home rodrigo have ever known. and tonight, they brought it to the council, pushing for a resolution, urging area congressmen to pay attention and lobby on rodrigo's behalf. >> what about rodrigo? who is fighting for him? >> rodrigo and his family watched the whole thing via skype tonight, humbled. >> you guys are doing a big thing for us. thank you. >> the berkeley city council unanimously approved that resolution, pushing for humanitarian parole. those fourth grades say they are not done yet, they are hoping to go to washington, d.c. to testify before congress in april. reporting live in berkeley, kristen ayers, kpix5. >> unless there's an intervention, by law, the family will not be allowed to reapply for visas for five years. enter supporters of the richmond city employee who blew the whistle
Mar 15, 2013 10:00pm PDT
. but a few days ago, a sacramento based law firm, independent investigators hired by the city found knight to be responsible for a host of infractions. the report found she drove a company vehicle at the same time she was receiving a $400 a month car allowance. these are photos taken by plumber of the city owned car in the assistant city manager's driveway. another finding that knight was guilty retaliation, giving an employee access to the whistle blower's account. the head of hr, who owns the side business was directing her employees to make decorative trinkets on city time, storing them in city offices. knight didn't make any money on them and there is simply an effort to boost employee moral. >> it was kind of like a humanistic gesture for the people that she worked with. >> no. i ate the cookies. i'm sorry. i ate the cookies. >> she should be fired. i mean, that's the only thing i can say. >> the city said they are not fireable offenses. >> why not? it's like embezzling from your company, don't you think? >> reporter: that is the case. the city manager telling kpix5, she will k
Mar 13, 2013 10:00pm PDT
proposed a similar law in 2004 that never got out of the assembly. this time his prepsal is different because -- proposal is different because it wouldn't make it a blanket state law. individual cities would apply. and with permission of the alcoholic beverage commission, individual clubs would be allowed to stay open until 4:00 am. >> all it does is authorize cities to be able to consider whether or not they to go to forward with a proposal to consider. >> reporter: it could also pump lots of money into local economies. >> the san francisco controller's office came out with a report last year that said $4.2 billion was pumped into the san francisco economy from the nightlife directly. >> it would probably be bad for, like, police enforcement, those having to do their job more. >> there's a school of thought goes, wait a minute, there's nothing good that happens after 2:00. [ laughter ] >> i don't know. a lot of good things happen after 2:00! [ laughter ] >> reporter: just so it's clear, the law as it stands now allows some places to stay open until 4:00 am. they just have t
Mar 12, 2013 10:00pm PDT
, just open the gate, we'll pay whatever you want us to pay. >> don't we have a law protecting public ac access to beaches? >> absolutely. and that had always been the case at martin's beach. >> the law is called the coastal act. filed a lawsuit today against the owner, claiming he is in violation. the people are allowed to access the coast. we don't view this as in different, if somebody bought the houses d put up a fence and said that's now my backyard. >> attorney for the property owner didn't want to talk about it on camera, but said they welcomed the lawsuit, as far as the owner is concerned, this is not so much a fight over access to the water, but instead, it's a battle over the constitutional right of property owner. the landowner's attorney says the road is private. that the government can only order a property owner to allow the public on private property in certain circumstances and that this is not one of them. who exactly is the owner? he will only say it's a corporation called martin's group, in a recent letter to the writers, he identified, asking the group to re
Mar 17, 2013 10:00pm PDT
students broke the law by refusing to speak up. >>> and the private jet crashed on into an indiana neighborhood hitting about three homes and killing two of the four people on board. the plane was apparently having the mechanical problems. it's not clear if anyone on the ground or in the houses were killed. at least three survivors are being treated at the loca hospital. and tonight the plane is still lodged in one of the homes. officials say that it is too dangerous to go in. >>> tomorrow the president is expected to nominate thomas perez to be the next u.s. secretary of labor. he currently heads up the justice department and their civil rights division. replacing that there and telling police to step down in january. but some democrats expect a new labor secretary to intensify the white house's push for an increase in the minimum wage. >>> well pope francis stamped his personal touch on the first sunday blessing. 300,000 people showed up for today's address from his balcony over st. peters square. cbs reporter explains how they came face to face with the church members. he told t
Mar 20, 2013 10:00pm PDT
eat, what to drink, all kinds of behavior could be controlled, and that's absolutely not the law in california. >> reporter: we tried talking with several employees, some of whom were on a smoke break. >> no comment. >> reporter: knheers customers said cvs was overreaching. >> do you think that's acceptable? no, i don't want. it's not their duty to judge people's lives. >> does this make you want to shop somewhere else? >> i'm thinking about it. >> reporter: the surcharge goes into effect next year. and they'll have a reward system that if employees can prove they lost weight or lowered their cholesterol, they can actually earn an extra $500 every year. >> what would happen to all that personal information after they give it to cvs? >> reporter: well, they actually log onto web md, and that 3rd party company manages the information. they claim and promise that it is 100% private and safe. >>> filling up your shopping cart could get you a discount the next time you fill up your tank. chevron is offering safeway club card customers up to $0.20 off per gallon. it is creating gridlock i
Mar 18, 2013 10:00pm PDT
tonight a jail sentence looms for the tomorrower law make -- for the former lawmaker. we were in the courtroom for the guilty plea. >> reporter: the former supervisor agreed to the -- supervisor greeted a reporter on the way to court, but he didn't stop to talk under the advice of his attorney. the only talking he did was to a judge when he entered pleas to the series of the felony and misdemeanor charges that he lavishly spent public money on himself and used up to $136,000 in campaign contributions to feed his gambling addiction. >> guilty, guilty, guilty. >> reporter: that went on for seven more times. a total of seven charges guilty on all counts. >> i don't want you distracted by the political lynching. >> reporter: much different than him seen last fall as the president of the board of supervisors, reacting to media stories about his failure to report years worth of campaign contributions and how he used the accounting credit cards for dinners, drinks to casinos. he served on school boards, the san jose city council and board of supervisors for almost 20 years waived his rights
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7